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Mina Glass

Company Introduction



MinaGlass Co was founded in 1968 to produce all kind of container glass and soft drink bottles. This company can provide services such as:

- Produce all kind of container glass

- Printing on glass bottles

- labeling on bottles

- Produce bottle cap

We have two furnaces with maximum nominal capacity of 40,000 Tons yearly and 5 lines of forming bottle and jar which is capable to manufacture all kind of soft bottle drink, lemon and milk bottles, jar of jam and other type of containers in flint, green and amber colors.


Minaglass by making great revolution on its productions quality in recent years, beside supplying glass requirement for a large number of food and beverage industries in Iran, export it's products to neighboring countries regional market (especially Iraq , Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan  , Turkmenistan, Georgia ,… ).









Jar Production

Jar Production

Production in all types Jar various types of 90 cc up to 1000 cc jar for keeping and packaging all kind of jam, pickles, honey and other conservative food in brown and white colors

Bottle Production

Bottle Production

Production in all types Bottle Ability to product various fruit juice , soft drink , bear , lemon juice and other drinkables from 170 cc up to 700 cc in white and brown colors .

Bottle cap

Bottle cap

Ability to product various type of bottle cap Production and selling all kind of bottle cap for normal and patterned bottle according to regional and foreign markets order in two different types of PE and PVC . Various printing in thermoplastic blue , white , yellow , red , purple colors and labeling with automatic machines .

Contact Us


Address: Shishemina blv , Makhsus road, Tehran , Iran
Tel: (+9821) 4454 13 51 - 55
Fax: (+9821) 44 54 01 25
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.