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Selection of Mina Glass co . as a Typical Exporter of Tehran Province in 2018

Presence of prime minister of work in mina glass Co.

took apart in election  on may 19, 2017 with mina glass Co. employees  . After his action he said: Today I symbolically take apart in election in this industrial situation with its employee .


Mina glass Co. in the first technical glass industry exhibition

The first technical glass exhibition held in Tehran international exhibition center with 76 local and foreign company with best effort of Iran glass association  from 23th up to 27th august.

President Hasan Rouhani visited Mina glass co

President Rouhani visited All part of mina glass Co. production lines with explanation of its operators for knowing how glass container are made in this company on  2015/12/2.


Mina glass Co. in Baku exhibition

Mina glass Co. for developing its foreign market in CIS region particularly Azerbaijan took apart in Woldfood exhibition.

Mina glass Co. in international food industries Tehran

For using all the capacities of co-operating with other companies in food industries to increase its own chance of marketing, Mina glass Co took apart in food exhibition this year. In the first day of exhibition minister of mine ,industry and marketing assistant Dr.Hosein Esfahidi. And Mr. Mirmoazeni and their follower visit mina glass room in the beginning.

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