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Why Glass?

Why Glass?

It is proved and confirmed that materials in glass containers are safe and reliable. Glass containers do not change the taste of food ingredients and do not harm the environment nature.

Facts about this:

  • The glass is recyclable and can be recycled infinitely without loss of quality.
  • 80% of used glasses are converted into new glasses
  • a glass container can only return to the store shelf in less than 30 days from the store trash. It is estimated that 80% of recycled glass can be converted into glass bottles.
  • The glass is unpentratable, so there is no interference between the bottle of glass and food and beverages inside that changes the tastes.
  • Glass almost does not give any chemical reaction to the food itself, so the material inside will retain its shape and taste.
  • using glass bottle for drink ables not only avoid potential hazards, but also has varioul benefits.

The technology in the UK glass industry has a capacity of over one million tons of glass per year. About 7% of UK household waste are recyclable glasses. In 2001, 2.5 million tons of these materials were buried at burial sites. Production of glass goods requires a lot of energy to extract and transport raw materials, and the raw material should be heated at very high temperatures. Fossil fuels are consumed to carry out the process, fossil fuel consumption scatter carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gases.

According to statistics, in 2002, the glass industry consumed 8,611 million kilowatts of electricity and the fossil fuels dioxide emissions were 8.1 million tons An efficient furnace requires about 4 giga joule electric jets to melt a ton of glass of glass While glass containers are only used to reconstruct and refresh other containers, glass fragments can also be used in other industrial processes. For example, broken glass can be used in road pavement


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